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The NGO Fund Compendium is out!
The NGO Fund in Cyprus makes part of the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2004-2009 in Cyprus and was established in accordance with the “Memoranda of Understanding on the Implementation of the Financial Mechanisms (2004-2009)” with the Republic of Cyprus. The NGO Fund is established to ensure participation of civil society organizations in the reduction of economic and social disparities in Europe and support the new member states in their efforts to participate fully in the enlarged Internal Market. The main objective of the Fund is to strengthen the civil society in Cyprus by supporting projects under the following two priority areas:
  1. Health and Childcare
  2. Empowerment of young people in the civil society

First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd was the Intermediary responsible for setting up and running the NGO Fund which provided co-financing of €1.5M to NGOs in Cyprus and the EEA. First Elements was responsible for selecting the projects, monitoring their progress and auditing their outputs and financial reports, and the organization of promotional events for the Fund in Cyprus. Please find here the Compendium of all projects funded under the NGO Fund in Cyprus.
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