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grants unit

The in-house development and continuous specialisation of our team has been a priority since the beginning. Throughout its life time, the company has been exploiting numerous national and EU funding opportunities for the development of training courses in entrepreneurship de-velopment, IPR management, incubators support etc.

Early in its life, it became obvious that often there is a need on the part of research-based organisations on issues of programme and project management and evaluation, technical assistance in market-access of research outputs, and development of business planning for joint research ventures on a European level.

Our Grants Unit fills this gap by joining forces with European networks in joint funded projects relevant to research such as FP6& FP7, CIP, National Framework Programme for Research, as well as training development projects in the framework of the Life Long Learning Pro-gramme. It also focuses on working with public authorities in the development of sustainable economic and social development through initiatives such as ENPI, INTERREG and other initi-atives of the EU.

The unit provides the following types of services:
  • Monitoring of the grants opportunities at national and international level and developing of grant proposals in the framework of the company‚Äôs strategic priorities as well as for the benefit of client organisations, public and private.
  • Information provision to partners and clients for funding opportunities relevant to their needs
  • Preparation of proposals in the framework of selected funding opportunities, provision of support to applicants through the negotiations procedure and contracting
  • project management and monitoring support
  • Project and Programme coordination and financial management and evaluation
  • Support of research-based organisations to access research grants
  • Quality control and monitoring
  • Development of training curricula and implementation of training courses in the areas of entrepreneurship