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First Elements Euroconsultants ltd
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1070 - Nicosia
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It is our vision to build a strong European presence specialising in economic and social development, with a reputation for the high standard informed policy shaping, consulting and training, programme management, and monitoring and evaluation services across the EU and third countries.

Our mission is to build and develop strategic collaborations with clients and partners which are mutually beneficial and open new paths for development in new markets and in new fields of specialization.

We work with clients and partners in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and apply our expertise to improve economic and social conditions in Cyprus, the EU and its neighbouring states and especially pre-accession countries, as well as third countries especially in the transfer of knowhow in the fields of our expertise.

Our quality work with national and international clients is based upon our insightful scrutiny into the client’s economic, social and cultural environment and specifically into the local context of their operations. Our solid service provision for national and international clients is based upon our understanding of the local and international context.