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In order to implement its wide range of projects as well as to offer top-tier services to its clients and investees, First Elements has developed an international network of partners in its main fields of interest. Below is an indicative list of partners:

  • Incubation / Technology Parks
    • International Association of Science Parks
    • European Business Innovation Centre Network
    • Zernike Group
    • BTDS
    • BViT Innovation network (BVIT holding b.v)
    • Technopolis Thessalonikis
  • Industry Associations
    • Association of IT Companies of Northern Greece SEPVE
    • Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry –ARIES
    • Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Multimedia Association)
    • Asociation Espanola De Empresas De Multimedia ASDEM
  • Innovation & RTD Management
    • Observatory of Innovation, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
    • Coventry University Enterprises
    • University of Macedonia
    • University of Leoben
    • International University of Entrepreneurship
    • Science Alliance
  • Academia & Research
    • NCSR Demokritos
    • Imperial College
    • CNRS
    • Univeristy of Hannover
    • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH
    • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)
    • University of Stuttgart
    • SINTEF
    • TNO
    • IFE
    • TU Delft
    • CNR
    • University of Antwerp (UA)
    • University of Leipzig (UNILEP)
    • University of Alicante (UALI)
  • Venture Capital
    • European Venture Capital Association
    • Hellenic Venture Capital Association