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business performance unit

Since the beginning we have been focusing on developing the public sector consulting on a na-tional and international level. As Cyprus SMEs have increasingly been developing their open-ness to the European market, we have identified their need for specialised and custom-made support through a holistic approach targeting their business performance. The Business Per-formance Unit provides consulting services in private sector organisations. Its core areas of expertise are:

  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Human Resources Management

In the Business Strategy and Development area it provides specialised services such as:

  • Business Strategy Design
  • KPIs development and design of monitoring procedures
  • Business Plan Development
  • Development of Feasibility Studies
  • Processes Reengineering  

In the Human Resources Management area the company provides specialised services such as:

  • Staff Selection and Hiring
  • Design of assessment and development plans
  • Training and development of human resources
  • Design of structure, policies and processes
  • Design of remuneration and benefits systems
  • Studies and Surveys
  • Career counseling and development services
  • Assistance for the preparation and acquiring of certification systems